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In-Home Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention Services

Intensive home-based services utilize a transdisciplinary team approach in a child’s home. The teams, consisting of Behavioral Therapists, specialists from early intervention programs, and caregivers, collaborate to provide family-centered intensive behavioral services in your child’s natural environment, including your home, daycare, and community. Supervision is provided by Licensed Applied Behavior Analysts (LABAs). Research supports early intensive behavioral treatments produce the best outcomes for children on the Autism Spectrum (Lovaas, 1987). As part of the treatment, Beacon fosters an equal partner relationship with caregivers to produce the best treatment outcomes.

Beacon Services staff work together to support the family with early intervention specialists to provide all necessary resources to enhance their children’s development and learning. Our services implement play-based behavioral programs targeted to promote the development of age-appropriate social interactions, communication skills, and the reduction of behaviors that interfere with family life. The treatment focus is on individualized developmentally appropriate practices that reflect the child’s and family’s priorities, learning styles, and culture.

Beacon does its best to accommodate families’ needs and choices, and services are provided in the home and scheduled in a way that works best for young children and busy families. If a child is attending early intervention groups, the team may decide to have direct support provided on-site to allow opportunities for inclusion and coordination of goals and teaching strategies. Because EIBI Services are within the scope of overall Early Intervention Services, they are provided for families at no cost.

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