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Employee Spotlight on Bryant Wilson


Bryant Wilson graduated in August of 2016 with a degree in Psychology.  Although he had taken advantage of opportunities to work with professors conducting research, his work experiences were primarily in the areas of retail and sales. What Bryant lacked in professional experience, he more than made up for with his enthusiasm, eagerness to learn, and his commitment to making a difference in the lives of others after graduation.  Joseph Nadeau, Recruitment Specialist in the Southeast region, quickly identified that Bryant had an abundance of qualities necessary to become a successful Associate Behavior Therapist (ABT).
Since that time, Bryant has repeatedly proven that the decision to hire him was totally right. Each and every day, Bryant skillfully implements programming designed to help children learn critical communication, social, and play skills that help lead to happier, more independent lives. His passion is evident when he speaks about his work:
“All the kids I work with are awesome and have made a lot of progress since I started working with them. I get really excited when I see a child doing something independently after working on it with them and seeing that kind of progress keeps me going strong.”
Bryant’s success illustrates that individuals without extensive professional experience working with children and individuals with autism spectrum disorder can become exemplary Associate Behavior Therapists given the training and support that Beacon provides.
If you are interested in  working with children and making a difference in their lives, but think you do not have the right experience, we can help.