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Employee Spotlight on Alyssa Arietta

Alyssa AriettaBiography

Alyssa Arietta is a Behavior Therapist in the Western Massachusetts area. Alyssa’s background was in the arts, but she was interested in working with children with autism spectrum disorders. We are certainly glad that she did. In just one year, Alyssa has advanced from Associate Behavior Therapist to Behavior Therapist, and is highly regarded by her supervisors, colleagues, and families. Alyssa brightens any room with her smile, and her positive attitude is an inspiration to all of us. We recently checked in with her to get her perspectives on her work at Beacon, and wanted to share some of her responses.

Tell Us

Q. What advice would you give to recent new hires?

A. I would encourage new hires to ask plenty of questions. There’s so much to learn in this field and never a shortage of people that are willing to provide extra training, advice, and feedback on your performance. No two cases are alike, each one comes with its own set of challenges and programs specific to the individual. Because of this, you learn that asking questions is a natural part of a job where you are continuously adapting to suit the needs of the client.

Q. What have you gained from working at Beacon?

A. Although I’ve gained many things working at Beacon, most surprising was the sense of community. Since we provide primarily in-home based services, I never expected to feel so supported and close to my co-workers. Beacon has regular company meetings and events where you can meet and socialize with fellow colleagues that you normally don’t see out in the field. The connections I’ve made have been invaluable to me as an employee.