Pre-Diagnostic Behavior Consultation Services - Beacon ABA Services

Pre Diagnostic Behavior Consultation Services

Beacon’s Pre-Diagnostic Behavioral Consultation Services provide immediate behavior support to families who have a child who has been identified as “at risk” for autism.  Behavioral consultation services will occur as part of the collaboration between Beacon staff who are specialty service providers with expertise in autism and the early intervention provider and will be included as part of the child’s Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) services.  The consultation model will address many challenges for the family such as communication deficits, problematic behaviors at home and in the community, teaching and strengthening adaptive routines (e.g., dressing, toilet training), promoting sibling interactions, behavior-based feeding challenges, and other family concerns.  As part of the consultation, Beacon staff will review any autism screening evaluation results available or provide families with a screening tool to assist with the consultation process and guide referral for a diagnostic assessment. Beacon Pre-Diagnostic Behavior Consultation Services do not use Early Intervention (EI)  assessment hours. As the Pre-Diagnostic Behavior Consultation Services are within the scope of overall EI Services and listed on the IFSP, they are provided to families at no cost.

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