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Training on Demand

Training On Demand (TOD) is an online training website offered through Beacon ABA Services.  It is the goal of the TOD website to support the treatment efforts and on-going professional development of Beacon staff.  The website offers training presentations in a number of areas relevant to being a Beacon employee.  Each training features a video presentation usually followed by a brief knowledge assessment.  Training areas include administrative as well as clinical topics.  Administrative topics include filling out paperwork and using online company resources.  Clinical topics feature training on a number of skills based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

Some of the materials featured on the TOD website include:

The Beacon Curriculum Training Series

This is a series of short (approximately 5 minutes) training presentations that offer how-to video models on implementing individual treatment procedures.  Procedures targeted include increasing attending, communication and imitation skills.

Orientation Trainings

These presenations are designed for staff new to Beacon ABA Services and the field of ABA.  They are an effective introduction to the field of ABA-based services for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), as well as to the structure and practice of Beacon.

CORE Training Series 

A series of trainings covering important safety and policy issues that must be completed once a year by all Beacon staff.

Trainings for Continuing Education Credit

Some trainings appearing on the TOD website offer continuing education credit that may be used to satisfy the continuing education requirements of the Behavior Analysts Certification Board (BACB).


Click here to view a list of material on the BEACON TOD website.

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